The enfant terrible of Gainesville, how Tom Miller is shaping the underground art scene

Miller needs no one’s approval. The Gainesville-based performance artist, musician, screenwriter, painter, sculptor, film director, actor, playwright, and longtime Hardback Café patron sustains himself on wreaking mischief throughout town, on stirring up trouble with art that makes one question if he’s just goofing off or making serious art. However, sitting with him now in the Hardback Café, he looks like an ordinary guy. Someone your eyes might pass over on the street, never aware of the creativity boiling underneath.

Nothing - a Film by Tom Miller - FILMTHREAT REVIEW - 9 of 10 Stars

Have you ever looked at another person and thought to yourself that they have received recognition, made money, and have ultimately found success due to doing nothing? Writer/director/star Tom Miller’s comedic short, Nothing, recreates, with several fictional elements, how he gained recognition for his unique and groundbreaking, titular sculpture in Gainesville, Florida. The satire plays on the emotions of anyone willing to learn about the baffling work of art which the action centers around.

American Artist Tom Miller: The First Man To Make An Invisible Sculpture

AMERICAN Artist Tom Miller Was The First Person In The World To Design An Invisible Sculpture A few weeks ago I wrote an article about an Italian artist – Salvatore Garau – who claimed to have been the first person in the world to have made an invisible sculpture, which he even sold for €15,000, so, it came as a surprise when I received an email from an acclaimed American Performance Artist called Tom Miller, from Gainesville, Florida, politely informing me that in fact, he was the first...

Local filmmaker and playwright tackle Shakespeare in latest project

If all the world’s a stage, then Gainesville is no exception. Just ask Shamrock McShane, who made a stage of the entire city and beyond in his latest project, “The Seven Sides of Shakespeare.” The film utilizes locations across Alachua County as backdrops for McShane delivering seven iconic monologues from the works of William Shakespeare. Written by and starring McShane and directed by Tom Miller, the film was shot and edited almost entirely on an iPad over the course of six months.

Using creativity to cope

By Danielle Ivanov/Special to The Sun Shakespeare made some of his greatest creative work while stages closed for months during outbreaks of the Bubonic Plague. Almost 400 years later, two Gainesville best friends are doing the same during the coronavirus pandemic. Tom Miller, director, and Shamrock McShane, writer and actor, are filming McShane’s 2020 play “Seven Sides of Shakespeare” for a COVID-19-proof premiere online this October. More...

Gainesville's Tom Miller is going to change the way you view the world

One of the first people I met in Florida was Tom Miller. When I first moved to Gainesville several years ago, I wanted to get involved in my new community. As a comedian, I also wanted to perform comedy but wasn’t optimistic about my prospects. One person I met my first week in the city told me about an open mic/variety show Tom Miiller did. Here is one of my first performances at the Tabernacle and another one. Enter the Tabernacle of Hedonsim hosted by Tom Miller

Tom Miller | The Black List

Tom Miller is a nationally recognized American Screenwriter, Performance Artist, Playwright, Actor, Sound Designer, and Musician living in Gainesville, Florida - the Known Center of the Universe. He holds a BA from the University of Florida in Theatre, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in the David Lynch Screenwriter's Program at Maharishi University of Management. Tom Miller has received national press for staring into Ted Cruz's mouth for two hours without breaking eye contact.

Local resident writes a love letter to Gainesville

Tom Miller, who held an exorcism for Richard Spencer at his open mic show last year, is writing a love letter to Gainesville in his newly finished screenplay, “The Tabernacle of Hedonism.” The screenplay is named after his open mic show currently called “The Tom Miller Show: The Tabernacle of Hedonism.” It has had previous names in the past. Miller, 53, didn’t want to give too much away about the script, but said that the story is about a group of oddballs and misfits in Gainesville forming a church of absurdity to legalize marijuana, defeat the Alien Motherhood and spread the word of Jamba, who is the Great Dumpster Goddess.

Longtime Gainesville performance artist and man about town is, starting today, attempting what may be one of the more elaborate feats of his performance-art career. It certainly seems to be one of the longest: Starting at 10 a.m. today (EST), Miller will watch every episode of the David Lynch TV-Series “Twin Peaks” (including the European pilot) in a 30-hour stretch expected to run through mid-afternoon on Friday. Miller says he will do it at The Laboratory (dubbed a “cafe of science,” at 818 W. University Ave.), and while doing so will ingest only food products popularized on the 1990-1991 show, which, of course, were coffee, cherry pie and doughnuts naturally.

Florida Man to Stare at Ted Cruz's Mouth for Two Hours Straight

“This is the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done,” Miller told The Huffington Post. “It’s like being caught on ‘It’s A Small World’ for two hours straight.” Miller will be doing his two-hour “Ted Gawk” starting at 7 p.m. at the Hardback Cafe. The 50-year-old artist will be on a stage staring at a giant photo of Cruz without breaking eye contact (blinking is allowed). “People can attempt to interact with me, but I won’t be focusing on anything else but that smile,” he said. “Maybe someone will bring a beer to ease the pain.”

Things Get Real In Tom Miller’s Unreal World of UMMU

WUFT-FM Morning Edition host Glenn Richards speaks with Gainesville performance artist Tom Miller about his new play, UMMU, directed by Michael Presley Bobbitt and premiering at the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre in Gainesville on Friday, May 12th. About the play: A brilliant artist lost in a world of his own imagination. A brilliant psychologist trapped by his unusual cure. A beautiful woman who may be an angel or an alien, or who may not even exist. This world premiere of a Gainesville play tha

The FREDInk Archives - All Things Miller / Gainesville's Arts and Music History

Tom Miller is an American Performance Artist living and working in Gainesville, Florida. He is the host of the longest running live open mic variety show in the country, a painter, writer, poet, film-maker, actor, musician, sound designer, activist, and playwright. Miller has received national recognition for his work, and is listed in Wikipedia. This site is an authorized fan page and provides a comprehensive list of free links to works by Tom Miller for the public.
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